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Santorini will conquer your heart even before reaching the multicolored cliffs soaring over 300m from a sea-drown caldera. Soaring from the indigo Aegean Sea, Santorini is the gem of the Greece islands and a must-go destination for your holidays.

Santorini has the funny shape of a croissant. Centuries ago, it was called Strongili (the Rounded One) and was just another volcanic island in the Greek Sea. One day, the island was devastated by one of the most violent eruptions in human history, causing the island to collapse in the now-empty caldera and the sea rushed into it, leaving the current confirmation of the island.

Even today, the most popular tourist areas of Santorini are on the caldera-edge clifftops on the West side of the island, with the villages castells with the white-washed houses running up to the cliffsides and offering gasp-inducing views from land to sea.

The capital of Santorini is Fira, the vibrant capital where to find several clubs, bars, and restaurant. Fira is connected to Firostefani and Imerovigli, two charming villages that you can easily reach by walk.

The path running through the villages is lined with upmarket hotels, restaurant terraces, and endless overlooks where to shoot marvelous photos of Santorini. 11 km away from Fira, you will find Oia (pronounced Ia), the most famous city of Santorini, for its quiet life, impressive views over the cliffs, sea and the volcano of Palia.

It’s a traditional village where tourism and fishing are the most relevant activities (don’t forget to try delicious fresh fish at the local restaurant!). Oia is for the plethora of art galleries and the beautiful churches with white facades and light blue roofs.




The Cyclades, the group of the islands where Santorini is. Which are most enjoyable during late-spring to cherish the green landscaped. And summer certainly when the sea is warmer.  Autumn is a popular season for Santorini. So as the sea warm and the departure of the hordes. Therefore the tourists leave more time to enjoy the island quietly.


Out the trainers on and walk to explore each corner of Santorini. Walking to the caldera edge is a fantastic opportunity to admire the views. Also to take your time to reach by footFira, Oia, and the other villages. Then to breathe the quintessence of this island. Indulge in yourself and reach the cliffs during sunset or sunrise. There to enjoy how the sun will brush Santorini with breath-taking colors.

Santorini is famous also for the production of dry white and amber-color wines, such as the dessert wine Vinsanto. The local vineyard can offer wine tasting offer some food altogether. Santowines, the Santorinicooperativee of small producers can offer you this experience. If you are a foodie, you can always try the many master chef classes around the area, where to learn how to cook the tasty Greek cuisine.

Santorini breathes history, being such an ancient island. Give a look to the Fira’s Museum of Prehistoric Thera. The Museum houses a very large number of ancient artifacts from various excavations on Santorini, such as at Akrotiri (southwest part of the island, located on a peninsula), and at the nearby Potamos site. Try also the Art Space, an art gallery hosted within the pumice rock – carved chambers of an old winery.


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