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The Ultimate Guide to Selling your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Selling your Home

Are you thinking to sell your property? Check out our Ultimate Guide to sell it quickly and to maximize the selling price.


The first step in achieving your successful sale is to know exactly what is the value of your property. Get in touch with us today for FREE and DETAILED valuation of your property.

Our team will soon get in touch to arrange an appointment at your suitable time to sit with you and understand your aspirations over timescales and what value you are trying to achieve.

Our local experts have extensive knowledge of the area we are working on.

When it comes down to valuation your property, we put your interests before the market. Your property is your most valuable asset and our job is to preserve its value in the long term.

We use our knowledge and expertise to offer you an honest appraisal for sales and lettings, analyzing a wide array of aspects such as the market demand and supply, location and local amenities. You need an expert sitting next to you to guide you through the property market with her expertise. If we advertise the property for a low price, you will not achieve the potential value you were deserved.

If it is too high, then we will risk putting off potential buyers and tenants, living the property on the market for a long time. In both cases, we would waste your time, the value of the property and our job would not be done right.

Marylebone Properties International’s

valuation is with no obligation and there will be not pressured over you to put the property on the market. Selling your home is one of the biggest financial decision you can make and you need to think about it carefully.



Once you have decided to offer your property on the market, we suggest to present it in the best possible way to attract more buyers. Some new furniture, tiding up the garden or a fresh lick of paint will make the magic in catching more attention.

Sometimes, you need more than some DIY or refreshing the walls. If you think that your home needs some refurbishment, get in touch today with our Refurbishment Team that will offer a cost-effective and bespoke service to add more value to your property.

The property is now fresh and decorated but still, you should aim to keep it on top of cleanliness, dusting and cluttering every day, tiding up the kids’ toys in case the of unexpected viewings. Dust and dirt can give the impression that further works are required and they can scare potential buyers.

To improve the experience

of the buyers that will visit your home, why don’t you light up some scented candles or open the windows for some fresh air? Some smalls tricks can let the buyer envision herself inside the house, making it hers.

You have to decide what to include in the sale. Usually, fixtures and fittings are included, but in case of moveable things, you can open room for negotiation.

In regards to the things you don’t need anymore, such as that old piece of furniture left in the backyard to collect dust, you can get rid of them. Decluttering your home can also speed up the selling process. Contact the Council to remove large items, sometimes it is for free, or think about offering some pieces to the local charity.

Give your agent some useful documents and facts about your property which they can mention and show to a potential buyer:

  • Gas and electrical certificate checks.
  • Building regulations certificates.
  • Council tax, utility, buildings, and contents insurance bills – so potential buyers can estimate running costs.
  • Service charges and ground rent bills (for flats).

Some other documents that might be appealing to buyers and can speed up the conveyancing process are Environmental Searches (flood risk, radon level…) and a Home Condition Report (also if possible the buyer will still wish to have her own survey done).


Ready for the first viewings?

When you have decided to sell your property, we will arrange a suitable time for you for the photo shooting.

Nowadays people’s attention is captured by the photos and their decision will be driven by the photos first and then by the description of the property. It is a good tip to present the rooms at their best, cluttering and putting in the storage the things you don’t really need to be around.

We can also assist you in preparing some other documents that are vital for the marketing, such as EPC and floor plan.

Then we will prepare the description of your property,

to attract the interest of any potential buyer. Our description will never be like the ones you see with the other agencies. Storytelling helps in really understand the unique characteristics of your property and helps people in figure themselves living there.

Once the marketing copies are ready, we will advertise your property on the major marketing portals: Rightmove and OnTheMarket and our phone will start ringing soon after the listings are live.

We will also call, email and text all of our buyers that are looking for a property like yours. All of our applicants are carefully sscrutinized in order to propose your property only to people that are keen in buying.



After a few days ,your property is listed, we will book in for the first viewings. We will always call you before a viewing, even if the property is empty and you are not living there and we will never come to the property without being not announced. We don’t want to surprise you getting out of the shower and we are sure your don’t want the same as well.

To arrange the viewings, you can also leave us as the keys of the property, in case viewings will be arranged quickly and you will not have the time to arrange with us to be there to open the door. Of course, the keys will be kept secure and safe and we will never put the address of your house on the tag, just to add further precaution.

Please inform us if there is any pet in the property.

Just to let us know if we need to bring some bones to be friend with your dog.

We will also accompany our clients to viewings and for your and our security, we will collect as many information as we can about them. After each viewing, we will follow the applicant to understand the outcome.

Sometimes we will receive a negative feedback and, even if frustrating, this information can be useful to work on to understand what they did not like about the property and we can resolve objections to guarantee a better outcome next time.

Buying a property is definitely a big step and crucial financial decision. People interested in a property will usually schedule again for a second viewing. In these cases, it can also be useful for you to meet them to answer to some of their questions about the quality of the life in the area. Your negotiator will advise you on what is best in these circumstances.


If you are selling your property through an estate agent then any interested parties must make an offer through them. If there is more than one interested party, your agent will keep you up to date with competing offers.

You don’t have to choose the highest bidder, in fact, you should consider your aims and how this relates to the buyer’s situation. If you want to move quickly, a chain free first time buyer or someone who has already sold their property may be the best option.


Conveyancing can be a long and exhausting process and we strongly advise our clients to employ either a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to do it for you.

When you are choosing the conveyancer you are willing to work with, we advise to collect at least three conveyancer quotes. Ask you friends, your real estate agency or also your family if they can introduce you a good solicitor.

When you are meeting them, ask all the questions that are running in your mind and inform them when you would like to exchange contracts and complete. Compare the quotes and also try to negotiate a no sale – no fee deal so that if the deal fails through, you will have to pay nothing.

Conveyancing is very time consuming and complex.

So you will need to employ either a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to do it for you.

Once you have hired an conveyancer, you will need to provide some basic information, such as your mortgage roll number, your ID. The conveyancer will also ask you to fill a questionnaire about the property, covering points such as the boundaries if you have had any dispute with the neighbours.

It is a legal requirement and all of the conveyancer will ask for this document. Prepare your documents beforehand.

Camden - Exterior2


Exchanging the contracts is the final step of the legal process. Then after which the buyer cannot pull out anymore. Otherwise, she will lose the deposit.

The buyer and seller contracts must be signed by both parties and provided to the respective conveyancers.

In this step, the completion date is usually set. Normally is two weeks after the exchange date. So in order to let the seller to have the time to arrange for the removal.  Once the agreed price is paid. Then your conveyancer will inform the agency, in order to give the keys to the new owner.

Even at this point, try to be carefully and check if the conveyancer’s completion statement is reflecting the original quotation.


You are now ready to start a new chapter of your life in a new house. Organising your moving out in advance will reduce stress and make it easier.

Let’s make this as smooth as possible.
If you need a removal firm to transport your belongings to your new house. You have to ask to some friends or neighbours for some recommendations.  They might have been in this situation before you. And can advise you about the best removal companies in the area.

Organise yourself.

When you are moving your belongings from a place to another, you will need to schedule days in advance to avoid the stress of the very last minute and to squeeze everything for the last day, without being surrounded by piles of boxes.
This can also be the time to clean the house, decorating or doing some works. And of course to plan what to do with the last things. You are not in need to bring with you in your next home.

We suggest avoiding Monday and Friday.

These are the busiest days of the week for moving and the traffic will be massive.
Remember to take records of the meter readings on your moving out the day. You will need these to close your current accounts. You can also set up to be redirected a few weeks. Therefore before your move out of the property with the Royal Mail. So in order to do not lose your letters and also to safeguard yourself against identity theft.

The Internet is now an important element of our life. Then, plan in advance to start you contract you a provider. And also an installation date, in order to avoid to be in the new property without a connection.


Now it is the time to celebrate.

The old house has been sold and you settled in the new one. Congratulations!

Marylebone Properties International: where Your Journey starts.

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