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Secret Properties in London and Overseas.

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We are the specialists in off of the market properties. Those properties nobody is aware of. The secret properties for sale of rent that are not openly marketed on the market.


There are many reasons why vendors and landlords are not putting the property on the open market. They don’t want the neighbourhood to know about the property been marketed or they are public figures willing to keep the properties as secret.


Dealing with an off of the market property requires extra skills and knowledge and they come to us because knowing we would propose their properties only to a selected niche of buyers and tenants, keeping their details confidential.


If you need discretion in selling or renting your property, we are able to arrange for prospective buyers and tenants to sign a “non disclosure agreement” before showing any details of your property.


We have built a huge database applicants interested only in off of the market properties and we are able to market and successfully close the deal keeping your property secret.


For a confidential market appraisal or to be part of our group of selected buyers and tenants, get in touch with Marylebone properties International calling 020 77 23 23 24 of emailing to

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Contact MPI to start your journey into the Property Market. Our Office is open from 9 am to 6 pm and we are available online 24 hours. Call us at 020 77 23 23 24 or fill the form below:

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