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She said I do… to the mortgage

Something new, something blue, something borrowed… such a mortgage?

A new research by Zoopla reveals that 40 percent of people in the UK now believe having a mortgage is a bigger commitment than actually getting married. The average couple would wait 3 years, 3 months and 12 days before committing themselves to a mortgage and buy a property together.

And what is the behavior during the property hunting?

Women are more likely to lead the property search, whilst men appear to be happier to stay in the background. Two third of interviewed men admitted they trust their partner to arrange.

So, therefore, to attend viewings even in their absence and 34 percent admitted they would also let the partner put an offer without having seen the property (only 19 percent of women would do the same).

When it comes down to go over budget, men are more likely to add an average of £10,385 on top. The portion is around 22 percent of men, against 7 percent of women.

Over a third of men ensured the property

has enough bedroom for future children (against 3o percent of women). And  23 percent considers the performance of local schools. So a fifth would consider if a property can be extended.

Buying a property together is a crucial milestone in a couple life. And this will bind them together for many years coming.  The property search can also be existing, but it is always better to be on the same page and compromising on some points, deciding if to go for refurbishment, how to plan the house for the future etc. Once the key details are agreed, the property hunting will be a funny and enjoyable experience.

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