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Marylebone Properties International

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


Marylebone Properties International does not tolerate modern slavery or human trafficking in our organization or in our supply chains. This statement sets out the steps taken to identify the areas within the business that may be exposed to these risks and how it ensures they are eliminated, as far as possible.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


We manage the Marylebone Properties International through our customer-centric business unit, providing real estate service in letting, managing, selling commercial and residential properties.

Supply Chains

Our suppliers include services to assist both our business and our customers.

These comprise:

  • catering and cleaning
  • suppliers of professional services (software & IT, legal, accountancy, insurance),
  • office services (fitters, cleaners, support services)
  • Telecoms providers, board/sign companies
  • website aggregators, local authorities

Services that we procure to assist our customers include property management services and trades, across all relevant sectors.

Policy on Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Board of Directors at Marylebone Properties International has examined the risk of modern slavery and considers the risk to be low. This assessment is based on the nature of the business which is a service, based mostly in London.

The Group’s standard practice is to check that prospective employees have the right to work in the UK. We do not generally employ agency staff.

Our suppliers are generally large organizations.

We adopt and promote a culture of honesty and integrity. We operate a whistleblowing policy, of which all employees are aware and which encourages staff to report illegal activities, suspected wrong-doing or malpractice, including suspected slavery or trafficking issues, as soon as possible.

Due Diligence

Our initiative to identify risk and mitigate against such risks. We nominate senior representations of the business units and functions reporting directly Group Risk and Compliance Committee chaired by the Chief Group Risk Officer.

We have established a system to identify and assess inappropriate employment practices, mitigate the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring, potential risk areas and protect whistleblowers.

Potential partners willing to collaborate with us have to adhere to our policy and principles. We are committed to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our organisation or our supply chain.

We continue to monitor our supply chain.

In the event that we become aware of a modern slavery or trafficking issue within our supply chain we will make every effort to remedy the issue. Before we contract with a supplier we issue them with a Supplier Code of Conduct or suitable Guidelines, as part of which they are made aware of our slavery and trafficking principles and our overall approach to environmental and social governance.


To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business, in our supply chains and in our business partners, we provide relevant training to our staff.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our Group’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31st December 2016 and was approved by Marylebone Properties International’s Executives on 1st February 2017.

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