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Improve the appereance of you street when selling or buying

Improve the appearance of your street when selling or buying.Potential Buyers

They say to do not judge a book by its cover… but we all do it.

When you are selling a house, the street appeal is one of the first things you want to take care. The first impression matters and your house must look great and well presented. Generate a WOW effect from the entrance.


You can start with coloring the outside of the house with a modern color. If the painting is peeling off or the color is outdated, you can imagine that many people might turn the nose up.


Pick modern and natural colors and you will notice how you can appeal a bigger audience of potential buyers and the house will pop out from the other ones in the neighborhood. Picking a bold color is definitely more exciting it will fall out of fashion in a short time or attract attention for the wrong reasons.


A broken, old, chipped fence is not a nice invitation to your house. Fix it and give it a fresh coat of paint. Try also to match the fence’s style with the house, to boost the character and style of the property.



Taking garden of the garden is the easiest task you can complete. Unless you want to offer an adventure to potential buyers coming to visit your house, I reckon it’s better not to make it look like it is a jungle.

Overgrown branches and bushes can obscure the house, making it look like less inviting. Start trimming back anything that is overgrown and clearing out the weed from the garden.

Planting some colorful flowers is a cost-effective and easy trick to create a great impact and nice atmosphere.

The lawn must also be clean and tidy. Spruce the garden and use some fertilizer to make it look like healthier.



Nothing turns potential buyers off more than a garden and yard just covered with useless things. It doesn’t help them in envisioning in the house and gives the idea the house hasn’t been cleaned properly. It’s better to throw away old stuff or to offer them to a local charity. Move some of them into a storage. You will see that a clean garden will give the idea the area is larger and will accompany better the buyers in their journey into your house.

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