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How do I make my House look bigger?

People like to see nice photos when they are house hunting.

And space is on the top of their wish list.


Some property will never consider if they look too small, but also the largest property if the layout is poor and don’t feature the right storage set ups, will be ignored.

To offer an idea of the space and storage of your house, and to present the property at its best, we can advise about a few tricks that will do the magic! For example, you could:


  • Clear out the clutter: do you remember that old piece of furniture that you bought years ago and have left in a corner to collect dust? You can remove it or give to a charity. Fewer items in a room will make it look larger and airy. Plus, if you are moving out, you will not need to bring with you everything and you know already that a few things will be left in the bin. You can plan in advance to remove some things, before marketing the property. You moving our will be also easier.


  • Reorganise the storage space:

  • hide or store in the garage some of the things you still wish to bring with you but that are not necessary in the flat. A tidy property will look more spacious.


  • Clear the path from the door to the window: if something is obstructing the path, making it difficult to reach the window, it will give the impression that living in the flat can be difficult.


  • The power of large mirrors:

  • hanging some mirrors on the wall will attract more sunlight. Ideally, you may wish to place the mirrors in the center and within the natural eye line, as you enter the room.


  • Some makeover: changing the colors of the walls and furniture from flashy to natural can really maximize the impact, with the minimum effort on your side.


There are many other tips and tricks to highlight

the property’s features and we can help you in offering some advice on how to create the illusion that your house is larger than it is! Give us a call today to learn how we can offer a cost-effective service in preparing your house to sell it quicker and for the right price.

We also do free valuations and even if you don’t wish to sell your property today but maybe in the future and you might be curious to know what the value of the property is. Please contact Marylebone Properties International at 020 77 23 23 24 to book a valuation specialist to pop round and take advantage of our expert free advice.

Marylebone Properties International: where Your Journey starts.

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