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Discreet Marketing for off of the market properties.

Some of our clients prefer to sell their properties discretely to a select group of buyers, instead of proposing the property to the public on the Internet and papers.

For some sellers, privacy is mandatory when selling a property. Sometimes they don’t want the neighbours to know the property is for sale or the value of the home to be publicised. Sometimes our clients are local businesses or public people willing to prospect their privacy.

In our experience, some properties can be sold quickly when kept secret, especially if they target the high-end market.

At the same time, some clients will never buy properties that are having widespread marketing. Over the time we have built a strong database of clients looking to buy only secret properties and we can discreetly market your property to these people.

It requires specialised skills to manage and sell properties that are not on the market and Marylebone Properties is specialised in offering this niche service, regarding the privacy and confidentiality of our buyers and sellers as our paramount.

Many of our property are not openly advertised on our website or on marketing portals and we pride ourselves for having already built a strong portfolio of secret properties in London and Overseas.

If you are a public person and require anonymity, we are able to sign a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the keep your information completely secret.

If you are looking to sell an off of the market property or you are wishing to buy, please feel free to register with us. We will carefully keep your information as top secret.

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